Create a membership product


Do you want to sell a new membership or create a Loyalty Plan with different memberships? E.g. Staff membership that gives a 50% discount to your staff or VIP memberships? This article explains how to configure this.


A membership product is basically a simple product with contains a membership in return:

  • If you didn't do it yet you need to create the membership kind
  • Create a product and configure the price
  • Go the return tab of the product
  • Click on membership ON
  • Select the membership
  • Fix the duration/expiration date of the membership
  • Type :
    • Membership: this product will be used to give the membership for the first time
    • Renewal: this product will be used to renew the membership
    • Membership  or Renewal: this product will be used for new membership or to renew it
  • You need to create a Page with kind 'Membership' and add the membership product(s) on it.
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