How to change reservation date and time


You would like to change the reservation date to another time or another day.

Change the time - quick way

We have a quick way on moving a reservation to another time. What you need to do is:

  • go to planning or sales tab, press CTRL+select the reservation and move it to the new heat block 

Standard Configuration

  1. Open the reservation you need to change/move the date and/or time
  2. Click on “When” and select the right date.
  3. To change time: double click on the line with the start hour, select the new ones (start/finish) and click on save.
  4. Confirm with ‘Save’

By doing this, your reservation has a new date/time. If you need to resend a new email to your client with the info of the new date, please refer to How to resend confirmation emails in a reservation.