How to create an invoice


This article will explain how to create an invoice in the Office or Point of Sales application. You can create an invoice if you have made a reservation with an offer, but you can also create the invoice from a payment/bill. You can save, print or send the invoice via email in the system.

NB: An invoice template must be pre-configured in the system to be able to generate an invoice document. If you don't have an invoice template yet or it's the first invoice you are making, please contact our support.

Invoicing with a reservation/offer

  1. Double click to open the reservation or add a new reservation or offer.
  2. Go to the ‘invoices’ tab and click on the ‘+’ icon to add and open the invoice. The invoice document will be generated automatically.
  3. Click on the ‘save’ icon to ‘save as pdf, ‘print’ icon to print the document or the ‘envelope’ icon to send the document to the contact person’s email.
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Invoicing from one or multiple bills

It is also possible to select one or multiple bills and invoice it.

Please refer to this tutorial.