Create a Flexible combo product


As you might know, you are able to configure a flexible Combo product so that clients can customize their booking as they wish starting from a main activity that you decide. You can basically fix a Combo Price and a list of activities that the client can choose to customize their party or event. You are able to set  min. and a max. amount of activities that guests can choose from.


  1. Create the product with an activity entry
  2. Create a new Page and set the Kind to 'Modifier'
  3. Add all the products to the Modifier page: these products will be the ones that the client will be able to choose from
  4. Fix min/max amount of or products that clients are able to choose. You can also fix min/max number of people instead. 
  5. Go back to the flexible combo product and in Configuration – Modifiers, you can select the page you created
  6. Make sure the product is added to an online page