Order an emailing Campaign


An emailing campaign is an effective way to reach out to your customers to inform about events, promotions, deals, etc. You can request it from our form on our website.


Request Details

In order to make a correct order, carefully complete the survey for the request with all the info like Subject, Preheader, Sender name. You are also able to upload files with text and design.

An important question is "How do you want to segment your database?": this question is one of the most important since it is asking for the target of your emailing campaign. You have some default categories like for examples gender, age, last visit date, but you are also able to request a specific target for example "clients who bought a specific product within x months".

After you complete the request, our design team will prepare a proposal and send a test where you are able to give feedback. Once the campaign is approved, it will be sent.