How to pre-register people through Event Subscription


With the event subscription link you are able to send an online kiosk link connected to the reservation. You can share this link with the contact person of the reservation so that everybody can register before arriving at the center. You can customize the event with a name, a memo, and a picture.

How does it work ?

What you need to do is creating a reservation and follow the steps :

  • Go on the reservation tab from Office or Point Of Sales application
  • Double click and create a reservation
  • Insert all contact info or select an existing contact
  • Insert a picture (not necessary)
  • Click on the REGISTER TO EVENT button
  • Click on the ‘copy’ link : you can now share this link with the contact person of the reservation that can send it to all participants and register in advance.

You can also create custom offer or reservation emails that send the registration link automatically so you don't need to send the link manually:

  1. Go to the Document tab in the reservation
  2. Select email kind
  3. Select the email template containing the link
  4. Send it.

The online registration link is configured by default in the reservation email and booking confirmation email.