How to create a vehicle kind

Based on the kart types, you might add different categories on the BMI Leisure system (kids kart, double seater, etc.)

Create a vehicle kind

In order to create a new vehicle, we first  have to create our vehicle kinds. A vehicle kind can be used to differentiate brands, performance and other aspects of certain vehicles.

kart overview

Follow these steps:

  • Navigate to Menu-> activities -> Models.
  • Add a new vehicle kind.
  • Fill in the required information.
    • “Name” of the vehicle kind.
    • “Kind” of the element added.
      • Kart for vehicles.
      • Gun for portable elements.
      • Storage for boxes or containers you rent out.
    • “Prefix” will be shown for every vehicle to help you differentiate the kinds easily.
    • “Style” allows you to give a to the vehicle kind a color of your choosing in the vehicle overview.
    • “Model” defines the manufacturer model.
    • “Brand” Defines the manufacturer name.
    • “Default Speed” allows you to define the initial speed on startup.**
    • “Mode” will assign the vehicle to a rental or private pool.
    • “Resources” can be activated to exclude the usage of the vehicle kind on certain activities. In addition, a default score group can be assigned to make sure leaderboards give a correct representation.
    • “Parts” can be assigned. (refer to the parts manual)
    • “Image” can be added.
  • Once all necessary fields are filled in you can save and start using the vehicle kind.

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