How to create a karting session product

You need to create a session setup or a race to sell on your Karting activity. This is the tutorial to follow.

What you need to do is to create a bookable product. While creating the Entry type setup, you need to setup all the following settings :

  • Score sorting: How drivers are sorted. Best lap time, average lap time, most laps or none.
  • Finish after Time + Duration: Use this if you want the heat to finish after a certain amount of time.
  • Finish after laps + Number of Laps: Use this if you want the heat to finish after a certain amount of laps.
  • Finish after laps/time priority: If both ‘Finish after Time’ and ‘Finish after laps’ are turned on, you can select which one has priority (or both).
  • Amount of printouts: Amount of printouts for this session. A maximum of 1/2/3/4/5 or 1 per participant.
  • Printout type: The printout layout that has to be used.
  • Start timing: When the Timing should start the heat: after you press ‘Start’, after the first passing, etc.
  • First lap: How the first lap should be calculated.
  • Two phase start: If you want passings to still be counted for a certain amount of time after the heat starts, add a time here and turn this button on.
  • FIA Start: Used for the Light Control system. If you enable this button, you can set it up so your lights will use a FIA start at the start of the heat.
  • Crash speed levels: Used with the Slowdown system. You can enable certain automatic speed settings when this button is turned on.
  • Two phase finish + Max. Last lap time: If you want passings to still be counted for a certain amount of time after the heat finishes, turn this button on and add a time under ‘Max. Last lap time’.
  • Track: If you have multiple tracks, you can select which one it’s used.
  • Min. Lap time + Max. Lap time: The minimum and maximum lap time that should be counted as a ‘normal lap’. If the passing time is lower than the minimum or higher than the maximum, our system will not count it as a lap passing in the Timing.
  • Rental object assignment: The way that kart numbers will be assigned.
    1. Manually in the kart assignment tab in the Timing software.
    2. Automatically based on the position of the drivers and loop passings.
    3. Automatically add driver # and kart number based on loop passings (for customers who only use our Timing software).
  • Karts per team: Used for Endurance races in the Timing software. This will define how many karts can be added per team.
  • Powerbalancing: This is used when you have electric go-karts and are using our Endurance module (see point 21.)
  • Points: Select a Points system setup that you configured. This can be done at ‘Activities’ -> ‘Points’. For example you can create a setup called ‘Grand Prix’ and the points are given as follows: 10;8;6;4;2. The winner will receive 10 points, second place will receive 8 points, etc. You can add this column in the Timing software (read this tutorial for more info) and also sort drivers based on Points in the Grand Prix tab.
  • Scoring by category: For Endurance races. Turn this on if you want scores to be split up per Race Category. For more info look for the ‘Timing – Endurance Manual’ here.