How to configure Online Booking opening hours


This tutorial explains how to change the Online Booking opening hours in our system.


To change the opening hours of your Online Booking, follow these steps:

  1. Open the ‘Menu’ in the top right corner of the application and go to ‘Activities’ -> ‘Resources’. 
  2. Select the activity you want to change the opening hours for. In the video example below, we will use ‘Karting’.
  3. Double-click on the activity and go to the tab ‘Schedules’. You will see an overview of every configured schedule.
  4. You can change the opening hours on the settings ‘Start opening hours’ and ‘Stop opening hours’. If you have multiple time periods, you can change it per period.
  5. Make sure to press Apply or Save after making the changes.
  6. Clean schedules in order to renew all sessions created for the future already by clicking the tool icon.
  7. Restart Point of Sales to refresh sessions. In case changes don't happen automatically you can manually reload sessions by right-clicking -> Reload sessions.

Please note:

  • For activities with lanes (e.g like bowling), you can follow the same steps below, but you have to do them at ‘Activities’ -> ‘Groups’ t the point 1.
  •  If you want to see your changes on the Online Booking platform, first go to the top right on the web platform on the three dots and click on ‘Start new booking’.