How to change online Booking Background


This tutorial explains how to change the Online Booking background in our system.


To change the background, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Menu -> System -> Settings -> System. You will see a big list of settings.
  2. Search for ‘background’. You will see 2 settings under ‘Online Booking’. ‘Background wide’ is used for the big background on the left and right sides of your Online Booking screen. ‘Background’ is used for the background of products inside a Category. If no ‘Background’ is configured, the ‘Background wide’ will be used for the whole screen.
  3. To configure the background(s) you need to have the background image(s) uploaded online, if they are uploaded already, you can enter the web link in the settings. If you still need to upload them, please refer to How to upload an image.

That’s it!

IMPORTANT : For the wide background we recommend an image with the dimensions 1920x1080 px, while for the category background we recommend an image with dimensions 1000x1024 px.