How to add a new payment method


Payment methods are different options you offer to you your guest so they can pay their bill at your facility. The main offered options are cash and card. Our system is able to work with multiple payment providers

Create a new payment method

To create a new payment method follow these steps.

  1. Navigate to the payment method screen. (Menu -> Products -> Configuration -> Pay method)
  2. Create a new instance.
  3. Now we have a new payment method we have to configure the data.
    1. “Name” a user-friendly name which will be shown in the POS.
    2. “Payment kind” defines the means used to fulfill the bill.
    3. “Active” determine whether a method can be used or not.
    4. “Sequence” will manage the priority level of the method.
    5. “Style” will allow you to set a style and make it stand out.
    6. “Show on Payment screen”.
    7. “Show on void screen”.
    8. “Open drawer”.
    9. “print on cash report”.
    10. “Return pay method” allows you to automatically return payments using a different method.
    11. “User group” allows you to restrict the usage of certain methods for certain users.
    12. “Minimum” amount per bill.
    13. “Maximum” amount per bill.
    14. “Minimum surcharge” per bill.
    15. “Surcharge” percentage per bill.
    16. “Payment provider” for the usage of an integrated payment provider.*
    17. “Ask comment” for each transaction with this payment.
    18. “Print tickets” of every sale.
    19. “Print fiscal ticket” of every sale.*
    20. “Allow fiscal batching” batch communication with the fiscal device.*

example of a payment method.

Payment Kinds

Payment kinds are means of accepting payment. Our system is able to work with different variations. Here is the list:

  • “Cash” is king, bare money, no integration needed, a cash drawer might be a good idea.
  • “Creditcard” can be accepted when an integrated payment processor is set up.
  • “Deposit Correction” allows you to correct or take deposits. (Deposits article)
  • “Money Deposits” can be downpayment or money deposited on your account.
  • “To Invoice” creates a special entry to make sure this amount is invoiced through the office software.
  • “Voucher” pre-paid gift cards or commercial vouchers.

These different payment methods not only allow you being more flexible for your customers but also help you tom manage the the incoming transactions more efficient as they are split up in our reports and BI tool.


*Only relevant for payment providers which have the proper integrations.