How to add a custom question – How did you hear about us


You re able to customize the registration flow based on your needs. We have a list of default questions, but you can also add custom ones. This article explains how to configure a page with a custom question. In this case, a “How did you hear about us?” page. The steps below will explain how to configure it.


  1. Navigate to Menu -> Communication -> Surveys
  2. Double click on the survey to open the page screen.
  3. Click on the ‘+’ icon to add a new page. Fill in the name, sequence, and description of the page and change the value in both the ‘rows’ and ‘column’ fields to 1.
  4. Double click in the new ’empty’ form to open up the list of predefined questions. Click on the ‘+’ icon to add your custom question.
  5. Fill in the name of the question – ‘How did you hear about us’ and change the page kind to ‘checkbox’.
  6. Go to the ‘Answers’ tab and fill in the answers e.g ‘Shopping Mall’ in the name field. Click the ‘+’ icon to add more rows.
  7. Save your configuration and select the question.
  8. Save the configuration and restart the kiosk application to apply changes.


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