How to access your customer's data


BMI Leisure system allows you to let your guest registered, sign their waiver and keep their data in one single system.

How to access the data

You can find your member profiles from the Members tab available in most of the applications : Point of Sales, Office, Configurator.

From the top banner, you can :

  • filter by category : Staff, Family, Company, Team
  • Import a file with customer's data
  • Swipe a Member using their membercard or mobile QR
  • Change a card of a customer
  • Delete a client
  • Merge

If you want to see all data of a client:

  • you can look it up by name, surname, birthdate, and phone number
  • double click on the selected customer
  • all the data will show

From a guest you can see data regarding :

  • Personal info based on registration survey
  • Your Personal notes about the guest
  • Memberships and Membercards info
  • Loyalty Points
  • Sales details and activities
  • Emails, SMS, Push notifications sent and opened