Dynamic content in your reservation confirmation emails


The idea is that you can display a certain text based on the booked activity/product, in a reservation email, invoice, etc. For example: a venue has 5 different activities and they want to give specific instructions/rules to their customers that are different per activity. Instead of making 5 different reservation emails, it is possible to setup only one and include a dynamic parameter that is able to show the content based on the activity. This special parameter needs to be added in the html template of the reservation/offer/invoice template with the name 'ProjectInfoText'.


1 – Open the configuration menu in the software (top right button), go to Projects -> Infos.

2 – Click on the ‘+’ to add a new text/link.

3 – Under ‘ProjectKinds’ in the middle, select where you want to use this parameter (reservation email, invoice,…).

4 – Now you need to select the product or activity where the text has to be applied to. Let’s say you want to add bowling rules to your reservation email. You can click on the magnifier glass under ‘ResourceGroup’ and select Bowling.

5 – Under ‘Name’ and ‘Value’ you can add the text that will be displayed. Both the Name and Value will be shown.

6 – Finally, go to the template and add the ProjectInfoText parameter, it is under ‘Special parameter’.



Step 1 image


Step 2 image


Step 3 image


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Step 5 image


Step 6 image

6b. Click

Step 6b image


Step 7 image

8. You can insert the text here. In case it's a link you can add the link here.

Step 8 image

9. You need to select on which entity you need it. For a reservation email, you just need to select 'Reservation'.

Step 9 image

9b. Click

Step 9b image

10. You need to select a product or a Resource or a resource group. When the reservation satisfy this condition, it will show this dynamic content.

Step 10 image


Step 11 image


Step 12 image


Step 13 image


Step 14 image


Step 15 image


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Step 18 image

19. Double click on the email where you want to add the dynamic parameter

Step 19 image


Step 20 image

21. You can edit the html and position the cursor in the place you want to add the parameter

Step 21 image


Step 22 image

23. You can search for 'ProjectInfoText' in the Special parameter list.

Step 23 image

24. Double click on 'ProjectInfoText', it will add it automatically in the html code.

Step 24 image


Step 25 image

Here's an interactive tutorial

** Best experienced in Full Screen (click the icon in the top right corner before you begin) **