Customize a session

From the Point of Sales it is possible to customize the setting of a specific session like changing duration of the session, changing start time and finish time, etc.

To change the setting of a session, you need to follow the instructions below :

  1. Right click on a session
  2. Click on Settings.
  3. You are able to Change all settings of the session:
  • Session: name.
  • Start: start of the session.
  • Stop: finish time of the session.
  • Duration: time duration.
  • Capacity: max. participants possible. 
  • Scores: Select the score group to save the laptimes to.

TIP: Move session to another time

To move a session to another time, you can follow the instructions above and change the start and Stop time, or you can easily do it with a shortcut:

1. Select the session

2. Press and hold Ctrl.

3. With the mouse, drag the session to the desired time – whilst still holding the Ctrl button.

You will see that the other sessions will adapt automatically to your changes instantly.


Watch the full tutorial below here.


HubSpot Video