Change automail template


If you are familiar with HTML markup language and you would like to know how to change a template of an automatic email, you can follow the instruction.

  1. Open the ‘Menu’ in the top right corner of the FAST Point of Sales or FAST Configurator application
  2. Go to Communication -> Post Office
  3. Go to ‘Setup’, the Setup page will open
  4. Select the setup you want to change and double click on it
  5. The ‘Templates’ page for that setup will open. We normally have different templates for each language for each setup.
  6. Double click the ‘Template’ that you want to change. You will see the AutomailTemplateController where you have on your left the standard template Parameters, in the center the HTML body of the template, and at the right, you have the preview of the template.
  7. You can make changes on the HTML files or replace the entire HTML file, remove or add a parameter, change an image by changing the link that refers to to it. If you want to upload a new image you can follow the related tutorial.
  8. Click ‘Save’
  9. To make sure your changes have been saved uncheck and check again the buttons ‘Sending active’ and ‘Queuing active’ then click ‘Apply’
  10. Click ‘Ok’ on the next windows.

    15 STEPS


    Step 1 image


    Step 2 image


    Step 3 image


    Step 4 image


    Step 5 image


    Step 6 image


    Step 7 image


    Step 8 image


    Step 9 image

    10. Now the content is changed. You can click Apply

    Step 10 image

    11. You need to set Sending active and Queuing active off and on to refresh the email content.

    Step 11 image


    Step 12 image


    Step 13 image


    Step 14 image

    15. That's it. You're done.

    Step 15 image

    Here's an interactive tutorial

    ** Best experienced in Full Screen (click the icon in the top right corner before you begin) **

Please note to be careful, when Configuration Setup is ‘System’ it means that it will ignore the unsubscribers and the email will be sent anyway. This setup is used for booking or reservation confirmation email. This setup configuration is strongly not recommended for marketing and commercial emails.