Add a Welcome video in the registration flow


Would you like to add a special welcome video playing on your registration kiosk? You can make use of the Kiosk screen to show some video briefing or advertising when the kiosks are not in use.


Configuration (on each Kiosk device)

  1. Before configuring the video, create a new folder named “Video” in your local “Fast” folder, normally the path should be C:\Fast\Video
  2. Copy/Move your video clip (recommended format: .mp4) to this folder
  3. Open Configurator and go to Menu->Communication->TV->Scenes
  4. Create a new Scene called “Welcome video” (or whatever you want) and choose “Local video” as the “Kind”
  5. Enter the path of the video under “Video file relative path in Fast folder”
  6. Click “Apply” or “Save”
  7. Go to Menu->Communication->TV->Playlist
  8. Create a new Playlist named “Welcome video”
  9. Add the Scene “Welcome video” in this playlist and click “Apply” or “Save”
  10. Go to the “Survey” tab on top of the Configurator
  11. Select the survey you want to add the video and click “+” to add a new page
  12. Change the name of the page (Title), hide the keyboard, change the grid to 1×1
  13. Double click the grid and click “+” to add a new survey question
  14. Change the name of this survey question e.g. “Welcome video” and select “TVPage” as the Kind
  15. Go to the “Settings” of this survey question and choose the playlist “Welcome video”
  16. Click “Apply” or “Save



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