Activate the online booking invoice


When booking online, clients are able to request the invoice that can be sent automatically. Here you can find the steps you need to follow.

  1. Go to Menu –> System –> Setting –> System
  2. Look for ‘Invoice’
  3. Set 'allow request invoice' on True, to activate this feature
  4. Optional : Set ‘Initial request invoice’ to ‘True’ to set this option as default (it will be already checked)

Setup the invoice

  1. Go to Menu -> Communication –> Post Office –> Setup
  2. Go to Office section
  3. Create an invoice template if you don’t have it yet. Record type must be ‘invoice’
  4. Go to Notification
  5. Click on + to add a new notification
  6. Look for “Invoice created”, click on Enter and save
  7. Make sure to double click on Sending active and Queuing active
  8. Click on Save
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